Montana Bigfoot Research Center

Welcome to the site of the Montana Bigfoot Research Center. The MBRC is dedicated to the investigation, research and study towards unraveling and understanding the phenomena associated with the elusive bigfoot or sasquatch mystery, designated specifically throughout the state of Montana and the proximate regions surrounding it. The MBRC receives and accepts legitimate and verifiable encounter reports from which to investigate and collect further evidence. The MBRC team also assembles varying research expeditions throughout areas of Montana purportedly shown to have recent and/or frequent bigfoot/sasquatch activity. The MBRC, as part of its mission, hopes to educate the general public as to the practical and reasonable acceptance of the sasquatch species based upon a wide array of valid, corroborative evidence compiled by researchers and scientists alike.

The MBRC collaborates with other well-established and reputable bigfoot organizations and researchers in an effort to provide irrefutable evidence supporting the existence of these primates.

It is through these combined efforts the sasquatch research community ultimately will obtain substantive, concrete evidence to the satisfaction of the scientific community, and subsequently, the general public, acknowledging the presence of a North American primate.

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